uh hi ☺️

my name is jackie ☺️ i’ve been doing stuff as wolfjay since 2017 ☺️

This is a little blog for me to drop down thoughts about things. I’ve tried having a website in the past bdsut I don’t think many people looked at it and it made me anxious about writing things on it because it looked so fancy and the writing wasn’t fancy.

i’ve wanted a little blog for so long!

My friends talk about their ‘tumblr phases’ and pull up their archives of posts and have beautiful imperfect records of what they were into at different times. I do not ☺️ my online existence has been scattered across platforms and phases and friendship groups and communities. From the outside I think it would look like I’m just really inconsistent and non-committal, but I don’t think that’s fair. I’m so ready to commit to something, I’m just trying to find something that feels nice.

I like forums, they’re cool, but sometimes I just forget they exist and disappear.

I like twitter, but there’s so much going on there. Are my tweets still cool if no one else thinks they’re cool?

Facebook sucks

Instagram sucks

Close friends is ehhhhhhh, but I feel shitty if I share something and no one responds

so here’s a little blog ☺️ I fought with the command line on my computer for a solid 2 hours today to get it to compile properly.

It looks shitty at the moment ☺️

am going to keep fucking around with things and build up a nice little custom theme for myself maybe!

I learned about Jekyll during university and setup my first site with the help of someone in my class for a journal while I was in bangkok on a month long study trip. It sucked! I overcooked it too much and made it not fun.

I have a few ideas for things I want to write about.

  • annual report each year on my income from music and what I spent money on
  • breakdowns of projects and go into all the nitty gritty detail that gets glossed over when just publishing shit
  • try and breakdown my thought processes around new things I want to do
  • forget this exists for a while and disappear while I do fun things then pop back when I want to talk about those things ☺️

Anyways I think I’m all done for now, I want to publish this tonight then get something to eat and hang out with my dogs. lol first blog post hehe

xoxo gossip wolfjay